Wednesday, September 23, 2009


ok look ive been having some computer issues so im a lil behind but please bare with me. Ummm honestly dont know what to write about or where to start but i guess ill go wit what i a 22 year tranfer business management major. i was recruited to come wrestle for del val to finally try to accomplish my national champion goal. i have been to a couple different schools all different from each other...been to Rider University...a almost $40,000 a year private school...been to Delaware State...a historically black school (which i hated and didnt believe it was even worth the $30,000 it cost to go there)...i stayed home last year and attended community college which wasnt bad. now i am here at Del-val...a place i never would have thought to be a near perfect fit..but oddly it is. My wrestling goals were starting to diminish each year i attended a new school... i never stayed eligible and when i was eligible i did things like get injured my whole college career. growing more and more frustrated i said fuck it and just gave it all up i continued to go to school but wrestling was out the question.. then last year when i was at the community college i kinda got back it to wrestling. my cousin was at a prep school and had lost to somebody that he had beatin before and seeing this i got upset and felt i had to do something...i got to the wrestling room the following week and seen he was beatin up on everybody in the room and had no one to beat on him and make him better, i once again laced my shoes up...the more i helped him the more i wanted to do it and before i knew it i was a coach and was coaching matches. then i started to compete again and grew hungrier and hungrier. i wrestled at a D1 national tournament and faired pretty well...alot of people seen that i still had it and a few made a couple calls to the del-val coach.... so now i am here and ready to roll. I think making this decision to attend this school was probably the best thing that happened to me... i never cared for school no did i try so my grades suffered and ultimately i couldnt do what i love....wrestle...i have been going to class doin my work and i think everything has made a turn for the better.